My body fresh-thin ice.

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I decided fast day.

I agreed my eating habit is not good.

If I want to eat some foods, I eat.

And, I was satisfied eating.

But, I remembered fast day in CHCH.

I used to with friends.

Many people is not easy to carry Fast day by own self.

I belong the group.

I had fasting last monday.

1st day was easy.

2nd day,

I felt in the morning, my body is right.

My body was not yesterday.

Different body!!

It was a nice feeling,

like my body fresh-thin ice.

Lunch time: Good, and I felt my mind became slow.

I felt bored with nothing to do.

I started to prepare to make food for one day.

Now I can smell from slow cooker.

If tomorrow, I can not patient to eat food,

I might eat cooked soft rice OKAYU.

I already made OKAYU for tomorrow.

I wonder I stop fast day tomorrow?

Let's have fast day.


I don't give up, and you, too.


We do not know how long our life is.

Our life was decided...., or other explaining way is ....

we can not decide by own self how long our life .

Recently there were health forum.

I need to know about public health opinions,

as I am healer and therapist which

I gave energy of Reiki, hypnotherapy & Kundalini Yoga.

I had a sigh......., many peoples have some sickness,

and they are getting many tablets.

And they are waiting a nice environment of Medical care.

It is real true.

I would like to say to patients.

Let's get positive energy by your effort.

So,... move hands, feet, body, neck, head, and five senses.

And get positive energy to your mind.

Unfortunately, I feel most patients is not positive & not activity.


I don't give up to give positive energy of

Reiki, Kundalini Yoga & hypno.

My philosophy is Healthy, Happy & smile face.
Thank you for reading.

Relax with Noriko's Yogi tea & with cooked .........


Noriko way YOGI Tea & with cooked a sweet dry Ginger root.

Drinking my Yogi tea, after a yoga class in Ruakaka,
could result in surprising benefits, Ex, relaxed & making friendly & more.

Especially, hot weather,
Or cold weather, too.

Book of Kundalini yoga says,
health-promoting, delicious, soothing, and a great coffee substitute,
the benefits of Yogi Tea would fill pages.

In the science of Yogic foods, the spices
used in this tea are said to have the following properties;

Black pepper - a blood purifier
Cardamom pods - a digestive aid
Cloves - beneficial to the nervous system
Cinnamon - strengthens the bones
Ginger root - healing for colds and flu, and increases energy

Let's make Yogi tea on facebook

Let's make Yogi tea on this blog. Click calendar of on 9th July, 2017.

This is one of most powerful Yogi Kriya!!

Most powerful KriyaCCF07152017_00000


in Taumarunui,

many people do not want to attend at my Yoga class.

It is influenced by cold weather.

Last week was only three.

Try to join toward spring season & for wellness of own life.

Keep up!!

I recommend this KRIYA in winter season.


If you do by ownseil,

action with Inhale & with Exhale.

Otherwise, you may have body problem by self practice.

Take care, please.

Please ask any question here

Room is warm.

Please come with strong mind.

This is just Yogi tea, but Yogi tea give ............


Yogi tea is just tea, but Yogi tea is different.

How different?

It is warm up our body in winter.

It has a scent all its own.
When you need calm down, try it.

It give relaxed feeling, sure!!

I will show how to make Yogi tea.

It is so easy.

This is my favourite way.

health-promoting, delicious, soothing, and a great coffee substitute,

the benefits of Yogi Tea would fill pages!!!!!

In the science of Yogic foods, the spices used in this tea are said

to have the following properties;

Black pepper - a blood purifier
Cardamom pods - a digestive aid
Cloves - beneficial to the nervous system
Cinnamon - strengthens the bones
Ginger root - healing for colds and flu, and increases energy

Start with 300g per cup and brew at least 4 cups at once. For each cup you
will need:

3 cloves
4 green cardamom pods
4 black peppercorns
1/2 stick of cinnamon
1 slice of ginger root

Boil 10-15 minutes. Then add 1/4 teaspoon of black tea. After 2 minutes
add 1/2 cup of milk per cup of liquid.
Heat to the boiling point and remove immediately.
Stain and add honey to taste.

Why not? You can do.


Why I recommend Kundalini yoga?

Because, I could understand easily & quickly about how going my life.

How to keep up for my life?

How to keep up for wellbeing?

How to get happiness?

How to catch our goal & own dream?

How to..., How to, and How...???

We were born with ten vibrations as humanbody.

If ten vibration are balanced enough, you can choose your path of life.

Different paths suit different & individual people.

You can choose your path easy & simply by Kundalini yoga.

My Yoga book says,

"It is a very comprehensive technology,

yet ideally suited to people who lead active lives in today's world".

If you do KRIYA, "TEN BODY" of Kundalini yoga,

you will understand human body.

And If you understand vibrations of body,

you do not say "How....?"

You keep up only going toward your purpose.

So, you will feel "happiness of you".

I am not religion person.

Kundalini Yoga is not religion.

To Facebook:">

My tears

Norikos life image



Every month I am visiting retirement village

for "stopp the Alzheimer's disorder".

One of Kundalini yoga meditation is used for

"stopp the Alzheimer's disorder".

It is simple meditation & Mantra, but powerful energy to brain.

A few days ago, as usual, I started meditation with about 10 old persons.

One of them, he is quite heavy old disorder person.

Suddenly a nurse talked with !!, "he started to talk Mantra with smile".

He never talk, Nurse said.

I looked him.

He was smiling with chanting mantra & moving fingers.

His eyes was moved to tears.

I was moved tears, too.


I remembered one another story.

It is in newspaper.

About a healing dog & old patient story of retirement house.

The story was one boll was rolling, and the ball was stopped beside old man's shoes.

A healing dog run up to get ball beside a old man.

The old man touched to the healing dog.

After he began to talk.

Though he never talked to anybody.

Human's weakness rise up by a small opportunity.

Kundalini yoga says, awareness comes up from tail of our spine.

We have a lot of awareness in our body.

Awareness comes through our intuition.

Let's polish our intuition.

Your ability might be appeared.

To facebook:

Vibration of Mantra & Chanting


I would like to feel at once the vibration of the universe.

I would like to listen the real sound of the universe.

Mantras of yoga are sound vibration.



Both are mantra of Kundalini yoga

Once make sound by oneself with loudly.



Did you feel different vibration?

Ow----n is soft vibration.

La---- is strong & hard vibration.

Chant these mantra for three minutes more.

One is primary sound, the Universe sound.

Other will be effected for our back side brain.

Depending vibration give something to our dividual parts of body.

And they will influence to our split.

If you are an interested vibration of the Mantra,

Come my Kundalini yoga class,

Every Monday at 5:30 - 6:30 pm,

at the old fire station, 30 Miriama Street Taumarunui.

Room is warm temperature.

Welcome with KOHA.





Human being have been designed

by simply marvelous structure.

Did you notice?

Energy flows through

your spine, through your arms and your legs

and through seven specific energy centers.

They are called CHAKRAs.

Also, CHAKRAs point our hormones.

Our energies of the first five chakras correspond

to the five basic elements.

It means,

they are earth, water, fire, air & ether.

Five elements show character of us.

It is simple way to understand our body & mind.

We can know easy our body & mental.

what sickness?

Why sickness?

How to maintenance?

You understand these answer from Kundalini Yoga practices.

Come my class with blanket.

Every Monday at 5:30pm.

At Old fire station room, in Taumarunui.


Welcome!! Contact me.

Who made our body?

cells.jpg This photo is blood
cells of young persons. (by web site) It is beautiful art, isn't it?

Did you know cells?

According my book.

There are over 200 different kinds of cell in your body,

including nerve cells.

They are skin, blood, bone fat, muscle & more...

There are 75 trillion cells in our body.

Who made our body, I wonder?

Most body cells live a very short time & are continually

being replaced by new ones.

So, we can understand our body is changing, sure.

Now your body is new, but soon your body become old,, isn't it?

Kundalini yoga will help you to change

your health, your character & your personality,

from your negativity thinking to positive person, too.

That is to say, do not think deeply,

come & try to do Kundalini yoga class.

You will be able to understand new cells.

Kundalini Yoga class is every Mon. at 5:30-6:30pm


Bring sheepskin & blanket.

Ay 30 Miriama St. the Old fire station building.


1/May Kundalini yoga of new class

Norikos KY cirtificated pucture


1/May Monday at 5:30-6:30pm

New class of Kundalini yoga is opened.

Bring blanket & mat (sheepskin id best), water.

Place: 30 Miriama St. The old fire station building.

Welcome with easy mind.


Suddenly a good news came to me.


New Kundalini Yoga class!!

Suddenly a good news came to me.

I will open Kundalini yoga & meditation group class in Taumarunui.

To meet is wonder.

I met him when I moved at Falkner Park.

At that time, my PC could not use by no signal.

He tried heard for my PC signal even though he has own PC signal business.

Recently he called.

"Can you open Kundalini yoga?"

He is boxing club director, too.

Today I met her wife.

She is netball coach & manager of community room.

So, I can open Kundalini yoga class by a couple's support.

Again, I could meet a nice persons.

I felt I was controlled by god of nature.

First May Monday class will open at 5:30pm.

Please come to the old fire station.

The place is very nice building for Yoga.

Thank you Vitale couple!!

9th April is not enough assemble.


9th April is not enough assemble.

9th April Kundalini workshop.

Ask & Joining from here, click

Please join.

Make healthy body.

Make healthy life.

Our hormones is owner.


Look this drawing.

There is 7 colors.

These are our hormone's centers.

When I am doing meditation, I can see colors quite often .

I have heard they are hormone's color.

They are very bright, & glaring neon signs colors.

While they were coming out at around third chakra,

My feeling so relaxed & comfortable.

If our body is not so well, like sickness,

each hormone is not balanced.

Ex. we feel headache, or heavy body, or flustlation.

Each holmon is made by our organs.

If we understand well each hormon's feature,

we can know character of person roughly.

So, Kundalini Yoga helps to change our character

by practice.

Through my long experience of Kundalini yoga,

I can advice your trouble character or disorder.

Halmons are our owner of body or commander.

If you feel "my body is not healthy, or my feeling is not well",

think your hormones.

Thank you for reading.
I am not doctor, but I feel hormone works for healthy body & mind.

If you have questions about chakra, ask me please.

Thank you for reading.

Kundalini? Kundalini Yoga? It is fun, isnt it?

20170330_171436.jpg Nowaday, most people know about chakras. Each chakra is specific feature.
And they make human character. So, if we know own character, we can do chakra therapy. It is fun, isn't it?

Have you ever heard something about our ability?

Our ability is not use 100% of own ability.

So, they are sleeping in our body.

Our hidden ability is one of vibration.

By the way, our body is consisted by many kinds of vibration.

Later, I will explain about vibration.

Well, Kundalini Yoga call away your ability by notice & awareness.

So, that is to say,

Kundalini yoga call away your ability vibration by Kundalini vibration.

Kundalini energy is sleeping under the bottom of spine.

Kundalini energy is like curl hair.

The energy come up to our body not simple.

But there is good way for wake up.

It is Kundalini Yoga.

By practice Kundalini yoga,

Kundalini energy wake up a little by little by Kundalini yoga.

How to come up the Kundalini energy?

I will explain next on this blog.

Would you like to get more your ability?

Kundalini yoga can help for you.

I feel my body , mind & spirit are growing well.

How to beyond my life?

How to understand our world?

How to understand special subject?

Ans etc.

I didn't learn them from my brain or books.

I feel I could get a little by little created energy

by practicing of Kundalini yoga.

My healthy body, too.

Kundalini Yoga is not scare, dangerous.

Also, Kundalini is creative energy.

Not scary or dangerous.

I will explain more about Kundalini, too.

Thank you for reading.
Did you an enjoy this subject?

If you are an interested or questions,

Go my website. Please.

Worry? Scary? Dangerous?

20170330_171436.jpg Kundalini connect all chakras. It is an interested in connection.

When I started 1985, 6 years, about 30 years ago,

many people & I did not know Kundalini yoga.



At that time, there is not PC yet.

Also, there is no book about Kundalini Yoga in Japan.

At that time, I heard Kundalini is dangerous by rumore, too.

I continue to do it more than 30 years.

Now, I understand well Kundalini & Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini Yoga helps for Kundalini energy.


Kundalini Yoga is very nice for body, mind & spirit.

No Worry? No Scary? No Dangerous?

Many people a big misunderstand about Kundalini & Kundalini yoga.

I will explain what is Kundalini & Kundalini yoga on my blog soon.

I will upgrade for it.

In NZ, many Kiwi still believe old rumor, I heard.

Still their feeling are worry, scary & dangerous, I heard.

Never mind, I was so once.

Soon they will notice a foolish rumor.

And they will want to learn Kundalini Yoga for Kundalini.

And you?

Thank you for reading.
Kundalini & Kundalini yoga is not same.

Golden chain?


Kundalini Yoga is a lot of mantra.

A picture is called GOLDEN CHAIN.

When we start Yoga, we adjust vibration by this sound of Mantra.

To adjust with everybody is an important.

This Mantra makes harmony between nature & our mind.

Also, to adjust is to make "WA" of Japanese culture.

So, with loudly;

chant three times "O-mg Namo Guru dev Namo".

Thank you for reading.
If you have any question click here.

9th April workshop


9th Apri Sun,
My unique workshop.

Most unique is "If no
satisfaction, NO cost.

Workshop menu is unique:
From 10:30am started
 What is all about?
 One goal
 Tuning In
 Breath of fire
 Sounds
 Mantra
 Easy meditation with Kriya
Finishing 12:30pm

Workshop Place is Dojo called Japanese Garden in Dojo
“ Bujinnkan Yamabiko Dojo” of
The Appletree Cottage.
Yamabiko means sound is reflected from
the hills. “Beautiful echo” in Japanese.

Venue: 1602 Oio Rd. Out Rd Kaiteiki, Owhango.
Date: Sunday 9th April.
Time: 10:30 to 12:30pm

Bring: Water, Single sheet, Jacket, Relaxed clothing.
Cost If no satisfaction, NO Cost.

Contact: Click & send e-mail or text.

For enjoyable 9th April, Sunday.

Noriko.jpg Noriko Kikuchi is sertificated Kundalini yoga teacher. Contact is click here.

15800624_10154221372327335_7690624130762246378_o.jpg Kundalini Yoga workshop is the BIJINKAN YAMABIKO DOJO, APPLETREE COTTAGE, 1602 Oio Rd. Kaitieke.

My workshop of 9th May 2017 is KUNDALINI YOGA.

I will give a big enjoyable energy to joyning person.

I am refusing $40, if you could not have enjoyable time.

If your feeling has enjoyable time, please pay $40.

Kundalini yoga is the science.

For thousands of years yogic knowledge was seacrets.

The master spoke, the student memorized and practiced.

Eventually, self-enlightenment was written down.

There's a yogic sacred art & science to all aspects of human life.

Kundalini yoga was always kept very secret.

It was never taught publicly until 1969.

Yogi Bhajan started teaching Kundalini yoga to public.

He taught to public his vast & his all the technology & wisdom.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga balances:

The glandular system,

Strengthens the nervous system,

Enable us to harness the energy of mind & the emotions.

Our thoughts & feeling is weak mind.


So, we can be in control of ourselves by practicing Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is designed to give you experience of your highest consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga teaches all positive consciousness & Sat Nam of your identity.

It means you can learn how to get PRANA.

So, feel PLANA by this workshop.

Let's have enjoyable time with Kundalini Yoga.

Thank you for reading.

The detail of 9th April workshop is click here.

Are you anger person?



If you feel,

Why my emotion become anger soon?

This meditation is for anger person, especially

your past life of childhood anger.

Please try this meditation.


Important is basic correctly body pose.

There is technique a little bit.

If you are interested in this meditation,

Please ask from my website

Meditation is cleaning of mind.

I may find out anger reason by my Hypnotherapy.

If you are interested hypnotherapy,


Thank you for reading.

Hand made the mall book


Now I am editing for my small book of my Kundalini yoga story.

Title is "The flow of your eternal CHI".

A long time ago, it was my dream.

At last my mind decided to edit for a book.

I may sell as paper book.

And I may sell Blog Book.

My big dream is made a small hand mad book, I wonder?

OK! Next step is one day I will try to make real book.

On 9th/Apr. 2017

Yuu-chan of my pet. He is a nice dog. My pet "YUU". Now every Sat. He is training of dog manner. He is quite a good dog. Yoga?
He can not.

9th April Sun.Workshop session.

Next workshop will be on 9th.April.

Subject is Kundaliniyoga workshop.

1- What is it ALL ABOUT?

2- One Goal

3- Tuning in

4- Breath of life

5- Easy set 

6- Mantra

7- Easy meditation

Why I love Kundalini Yoga?

For curing any disease. Seravadanda Kriya. triangle pose. Energy circulates from body to earth.

My Kundalini yoga experience is totally 30 years more.

Kundalini yoga teaches nature is our teacher.

I agree.

We can not beyond nature.

Kundalini yoga breathing, stretching, chanting, meditating, and philosophy are,

everything is rhythm of nature.

Also, I can find out new ideas, new ways of looking at myself &

everybody in our life.

Plus intuition, too.

Especially, I like "Sat Nam" of Mantre.

Sat Nam gives easy life to me.

I will workshop on April on 9th April.

See my web site.

I try to do my best for.....

20170223_165151.jpg I designed my name card. Main side.

20170225_171212.jpg back side of my Name card.

I am proud of making my hand made name cards.
I had enjoyable time making this name card. How do you think my name card?

Tomorrow 26th/Mar. is my workshop.
My feeling is excitement.

I made my name cards.

I made one brochure.

I made music for Reiki.


I will make the ONIGIRI using wrup.

And a cup of Yogi tea.
20170225_170957.jpg I will make the YOGI TEA. I will use five species.

20170225_171012.jpg I will make the ONIGIRI using wrup. I will use SUSHI taste for hot season. Also, I will use the LEMON< SESAME & GINGER TUNA. mmmm-- Ymi!!

Workshop fee is $20 for two hours.
I try to do my best for $20 more value.

On 26th Feb. My Special experience in Taumarunui

Special experienceP1000030 Life is always challenge, isn't it?

On 26th/Februaly, Sun, from 10:30-12:30pm

The day will be my unique workshop.

I am excited.

Stuaet, & Alan & Ann are supporting to this workshop.

I am so lucky to know them.

Also, the place is Dojyoo (道場), & pot luck is at Japanese garden beside Dojyoo.

Reiki, K-Yoga breathing & Self-Hypnotherapy.


It means "I am so excited".

Booking is started.

Please join.

Call here.

Elimination & circulation

Elimination CirculationCCF02012017_00000

It is started february.

Our body is easy stagnated, especially hot season.

NZ is summer, now.

In Taumarunui where I am living, morning & night are a little bit cool.

But day time is so hot.

Then we take shower is good.

Other way I recommend this Ktiya that is yoga exercise.

Your body & mind are awaked up

from body stagnation by circulation.

After relaxation, try meditation for self-Identification.

Mantra is SAT NAM, WHA GURU.

Eyes 1/2 open.

I like slice opened eyes.

Try this meditation if you brain is not clearly.

How to do "Elimination & Circulation" & meditation?

Ask Noriko.
Also Noriko has workshop 25th Feb.
Booking now.
Ask Noriko.

On 26th. Feb. Sun.



On 26th/Feb. Sunday. my Workshop.

I will have my workshop at DOJYO of BUJINNKAN.

Dojyo's owner is spiritual man who has BUJINKAN ( 武神館 )high title of 6-DAN.

Sure, you & me will be satisfied my workshop day.

Also, this is the first my workshop in Taumarunui.

Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm. with own POTLUCK

Let's have lunch at his Japanese style garden.

DOJYO: Out of Owhango. Beautiful country side.

Self-Healing of Reiki, Kundalini yoga & Hypnotherapy.


Kundalini yoga is How to get Good breathing & Good energy.

Hypnotherapy is Let's go to enjoyable place where you have never seen.

Joining fee is $20.

Coming the date, please ask me.

I could tell more details.

I am waiting an appointment from you.

Thank you.

I love ......

For curing any disease. Seravadanda Kriya.

I love Kundalini yoga.

Especially, I am an interested in Kundalini Yoga philosophy.

God is nature, and nature is god.

No need to compare to others.

Close eyes & see inside of body.

Breathing is connected to mind.

And, Kundalini Yoga balances the glandular system,

strengthens the 72000 nerves balance to

the body, mind, and soul.

And triangle degrees strengthens power of chakras.

Well, let's do than thinking.

And feel energy from Kundalini Yoga.

Noriko is a certificated Kundalini yoga teacher.

Contact me please.

Be relax.


Be relax !
Very good Video. Click here

I feel Triangle Power from Yoga.


I say Kundalini yoga is triangle art.

When I am doing all triangle pose,

I feel energy is running to arm &

legs from passing through spine.

I do not know deeply about triangle though,

Triangle poses are so useful to make healthy body & mind.

Also, spirit.

Try triangle pose of Kundakini yoga.

And, let me know how did you feel.

It is fun, isn't it?

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