Kundalini? Kundalini Yoga? It is fun, isnt it?

20170330_171436.jpg Nowaday, most people know about chakras. Each chakra is specific feature.
And they make human character. So, if we know own character, we can do chakra therapy. It is fun, isn't it?

Have you ever heard something about our ability?

Our ability is not use 100% of own ability.

So, they are sleeping in our body.

Our hidden ability is one of vibration.

By the way, our body is consisted by many kinds of vibration.

Later, I will explain about vibration.

Well, Kundalini Yoga call away your ability by notice & awareness.

So, that is to say,

Kundalini yoga call away your ability vibration by Kundalini vibration.

Kundalini energy is sleeping under the bottom of spine.

Kundalini energy is like curl hair.

The energy come up to our body not simple.

But there is good way for wake up.

It is Kundalini Yoga.

By practice Kundalini yoga,

Kundalini energy wake up a little by little by Kundalini yoga.

How to come up the Kundalini energy?

I will explain next on this blog.

Would you like to get more your ability?

Kundalini yoga can help for you.

I feel my body , mind & spirit are growing well.

How to beyond my life?

How to understand our world?

How to understand special subject?

Ans etc.

I didn't learn them from my brain or books.

I feel I could get a little by little created energy

by practicing of Kundalini yoga.

My healthy body, too.

Kundalini Yoga is not scare, dangerous.

Also, Kundalini is creative energy.

Not scary or dangerous.

I will explain more about Kundalini, too.

Thank you for reading.
Did you an enjoy this subject?

If you are an interested or questions,

Go my website. Please.

Worry? Scary? Dangerous?

20170330_171436.jpg Kundalini connect all chakras. It is an interested in connection.

When I started 1985, 6 years, about 30 years ago,

many people & I did not know Kundalini yoga.



At that time, there is not PC yet.

Also, there is no book about Kundalini Yoga in Japan.

At that time, I heard Kundalini is dangerous by rumore, too.

I continue to do it more than 30 years.

Now, I understand well Kundalini & Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini Yoga helps for Kundalini energy.


Kundalini Yoga is very nice for body, mind & spirit.

No Worry? No Scary? No Dangerous?

Many people a big misunderstand about Kundalini & Kundalini yoga.

I will explain what is Kundalini & Kundalini yoga on my blog soon.

I will upgrade for it.

In NZ, many Kiwi still believe old rumor, I heard.

Still their feeling are worry, scary & dangerous, I heard.

Never mind, I was so once.

Soon they will notice a foolish rumor.

And they will want to learn Kundalini Yoga for Kundalini.

And you?

Thank you for reading.
Kundalini & Kundalini yoga is not same.

Golden chain?


Kundalini Yoga is a lot of mantra.

A picture is called GOLDEN CHAIN.

When we start Yoga, we adjust vibration by this sound of Mantra.

To adjust with everybody is an important.

This Mantra makes harmony between nature & our mind.

Also, to adjust is to make "WA" of Japanese culture.

So, with loudly;

chant three times "O-mg Namo Guru dev Namo".

Thank you for reading.
If you have any question click here.

Is it true?


Kundalini Yoga can correct our body with simple YOGA way.


our body is so miracle system.

From cells, skin, the skeleton & bone, Muscles,

Breathing, the lungs, circulation, the heart,

Blood cells, the lymphatic system, Digestion, then brain, and

Five senses, and to mind & spirit.

And holmans control to these systems.

Without medicines,

These systems are corrected through Kundalini Yoga system.

So, it is simple ancient idea,

and Kundalini Yoga has technics down to a science.

From mental problem to habits can be changed.

Your symptoms are getting well without side effects.

Even, Kundalini Yoga helps to Alzheimer's disease.

Kundalini Yoga is so miracle tool on our life.

Please research about Kundalini yoga on the Google.

I am waiting any questions from you.

Noriko is long experience of certificated Kundalini yoga trainer.

Please by e-mail, here.

Thank you for reading.

The Liver

One of Kundalini Yoga's effect is good for the liver.

If you feel tiredness & short-tempered, and if you need vital energy,

Try kundalini Yoga for the liver set.

The liveris , and it is only one of organs, though you know well ...

Our liver is about 1KG.

There are 500 kinds of function.

- Metabolizing alcohol, other drugs & chemicals.

- Neutralizing & destroying poisonous substances.

- Producing, strong & quick energy (glucose) to keep the mind alert

and the body active.

- Producing, strong & exporting fat.

- Transport substances in the blood.

- Clotting of blood.

- Providing resistance to infection.

- Sex hormones.

- Thyroid hormones.

- Cortisone & other adrenal hormones.

- Produces cholesterol, excreta and converts it to other

essential substances.

- And more & more.

It is a good opportunity to know our liver, isn't it?

To keep healthy body is own responsible.

Give love to your body.

A lot of information of the liver.

Let's get it that is good oppotunuty to be love of our body.


Our body is no mistake, isn't it?

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The Liver
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